Monday, April 20, 2015

For The Kidz


Sea Salt Peter and the Green Shrimp Eater.

Tree Funny Bunnys
Wich one loves you the moust?
Wich one did something funny?
Which one can hear you laughing from far away?

Harry , Woody and Cheeeps for baby Axal.

The Happy Vampire Eyes Family.

For Lilly, Eli, and Avery.

Paw-Purr-Mint The Kat !

Sheruff Julian and his trust worthy
side kick Dupputy Wilsnton
patrol the desert looking
for adventure.

Frog + Horse + Glue  = ABC-Horse
Sebashione will grow up knowing what a
A-B-C-Horse looks like.

Circus Poster

Bare With Me

What is inside a wild pig?

For Matillda.
 Happy baby......
....happy mama.

Sea and Sky.....
.....and an other happy baby!
Can a baby get happier than this?

MoBoo The Whale 

Octo Web

Of Cores A Horse Can Fly !

A Hole Latta Gurrilla Lovea 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On Wood Blocks



Jerry Larry

Mr Joker

Lady Oh.

Mixed Up People

Mega Monster Face

Top View

Side View

All in a RowView

Side of Blocks
B for Bare Feet

H for Horse Flys

M for Monkey Ranch

F for Fish Sticks

P for Pig Skins

Monday, April 13, 2015

People And Fish

You don't ever want to be face to face with Fog Hat.

This is how big Fog Hat the Pike is.

Double Nickels just makes sense!

Tony Ace Poker Face                                      Jhon The Dodge 

Why are you so happy?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Robot Vitamin Pills

 Take two.....
...with a cup of oil....
.....every night....
.......with food.....
.....and call me in the morning.