Friday, April 10, 2015

Not Playing With A Fool Deck

                                                House Of Cards.

Trapped inside a paper house of cards.

How do we get out of here?

Let us out!

Four Aces with holes in them.

The Extremly Rare Elusive Ellvins.

These are only 4 cards.



Back Front Back Front

Front Back Front Back

Now are our QUEENS stronger then KINGS ?

Cheet Death with the The 7th Seals Hand.

The King Of The Nut House.

We all have our Grate Wight Whales.

Remember captan Ahab?

Ecoe Cards 444, 222 and a 333.
It's a win, win win sichuation.

Aces High.

Nothing Beats 3 Aces.

                                                                       Out side in.

                                                                       Inside out.
Front of Cards from Caseenos .
Backs of Caseenows Cards.

We have monsters......
....... and Jacks on the flip side.

2 Queens ....
.....and two bugs.

With these cards.... always win.

+ Back +
Front = Animals from the Midivial Ages.

                           < Back=Casino Winning Cards > < Front = Star Wars Storms Trooper >

- Back -
Front = Elaphant from India.

Back = A lose 7.
Front = People Stroling Aimlassley in the Streets of Chicago.


  1. I like the cards with the jacks and kings on the outside

    1. And they like you.
      Becouse they are allways watching.


  2. That's what I call a full deck! More great art from the mind and hands of Marko.