Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On Wood

Now is a good time to Go Fishing For Trout.

Al and Boo.

Bully Blue Boo

Burlap Spyder .......
....eating a paper fly.

Burlap Horse

Theses Hoses do not give you Night Mares.

Larry The Lobbsidded Lobbster

Berrlap Beattal

Zodiac of the days of the week.

Flys Fishing.

Blue Jeins and Polo Shurt People.

The Flip Flop Cop.

This is actualy painted on a cloth napkin from a
Sea Food Restarant.
And it smells of crab and lobbster and shrimp.
Painted on burrlap from a bag the once held 
wolf pottatoes.
Painted by a brush made of Rabit Hair.
A frind of mine was instruckded by his doc
that if he had one more drop of coffie his hart would explod .
So my frind bought this pianting, witch mater of fackt is 
painted on napkins form a coffie diner.
This rabbit painting  lives in Sydney Australia.

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