Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some People On Paper with Animals

Some people think about cats that are orange.

Gotes think of people they once saw and petted them.

Most people think of when is the next time they can eat a crab.

People are just like molusks.

Some peolples think of palnts in bottals.
Oh deer.
You get my gote?

Painted Paper People Posing

I know her from some place.

I'm never going to get married.

I miss Rome.

Nice hat.

Wall Bearing Weight

This is new studio space.
Gone Fishing for People.

People and Fish Co-exist.

It is getting crowded in here.

In The Studio

This was my old studio.
Haveing a conversasion with the Wall People.
See , the Wall People moved from the wall to the window.
Door way gost.
Bouth of these towers have been knoked down.

From Wood

Bonnie Prince Billy fans will recogniz this from his
Wolfroy goes to town vinal record from  Drag City.
It is on the albums side one, Dan Osborn did a wonderful
job of the layout.

This is on side two of Bonnie Prince Billy 
Wolfroy goes to town vinal record from Drag City.
Dan Osborn did a exsalent
job of the layout.

On Wood

Now is a good time to Go Fishing For Trout.

Al and Boo.

Bully Blue Boo

Burlap Spyder .......
....eating a paper fly.

Burlap Horse

Theses Hoses do not give you Night Mares.

Larry The Lobbsidded Lobbster

Berrlap Beattal

Zodiac of the days of the week.

Flys Fishing.

Blue Jeins and Polo Shurt People.

The Flip Flop Cop.

This is actualy painted on a cloth napkin from a
Sea Food Restarant.
And it smells of crab and lobbster and shrimp.
Painted on burrlap from a bag the once held 
wolf pottatoes.
Painted by a brush made of Rabit Hair.
A frind of mine was instruckded by his doc
that if he had one more drop of coffie his hart would explod .
So my frind bought this pianting, witch mater of fackt is 
painted on napkins form a coffie diner.
This rabbit painting  lives in Sydney Australia.